Let’s Talk Daily The Podcast: Season 3 (2018)

On Let’s Talk Daily season 3 we are continuing to put CULTURE FIRST! We TALK about all of the things that matter to you most in Culture, Music, and Life. We encourage you to work hard, and play LTD even harder. The team is unchained this season and exploring culture with it’s rotating Culture Panel, discussing key relationship topics, and encouraging everyone, everywhere to Rock the Vote! Shout out to our season 3 hosts- Maulana, Mike, and Vinnybiggaveli.


Let’s Talk Daily The Podcast: Season 2 (2018)

Let’s Talk Daily The Podcast season 2 is bigger, better and livelier discussions. The team does what they do best, TALKING about what matters in Black Culture, Music, and Life! On season 2 we move from our Harlem studio home to a state of the art studio in Red Bull Arts New York, interview a few stars, bring on a new co-host, and so much more in 20 amazing episodes. Shout out to our season 2 hosts- Maulana, Mike, Vinnybiggaveli, and Candace.

Let’s Talk Daily The Podcast: Season 1 (2017) 


Join us for our FIRST EVER  season of Let’s Talk Daily The Podcast! The team chats over glasses of Moët right from our living rooms and discuss the latest in black millennial Culture, Music and Life! Listen to the humble beginnings of our podcast, as we make sense of the culture and ways it made us think and feel. Shout out to our original trio of co-hosts on season 1- Mike, Vinnybiggaveli, and Candace.